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  • Instant results using a color-coded system

  • Eliminates ineligible pathways in seconds

  • Backed by interpretable automated reports

  • ​Match patients with suitable devices and related trials

  • ​Focus on viable treatment paths that matter to the patient

One click Pre-Screening: AI driven assessments of patient eligibility

REC Rapid Eligibility Check

How it works

Dr. Matti Adam

Interventional cardiologist | University Hospital, Cologne

"The ability to quickly and accurately assess patient eligibility for mitral valve procedures has significantly improved the workflow in our research project.
I'm convinced that this is a game changer that will allow us to focus on the viable treatment pathways and improve the care of our patients.”

Julian Praceus

CEO and Co-Founder LARALAB GmbH

"REC is set to save substantial time for heart teams by swiftly indicating viable pathways and eliminating ineligible options for patients.
The patient screening for new Mitral and Tricuspid interventions is extensive - it works in a trial setting but not yet to serve the large number of patients in need. We designed REC to enable this transition.”

First data for Mitral Valve - TMVR will be presented at New York Valves 

Session: Procedural Planning for Mitral Valve Interventions
Location: Moderated Abstracts Station 1, Innovation Hub, Level 5





REC has been developed and validated in close collaboration with PD Dr. PD Dr. Matti Adam, PD Dr. Mani Arsalan, Dr. Martin Beyer, Prof. Dr. Lenard Conradi, Dr. Jonathan Curio, Prof. Dr. David Leistner, PD Dr. Andreas Schäfer and Prof. Dr. Thomas Walther from the University Hospitals of Cologne, Frankfurt, and Hamburg

Latest News 

Get started with REC

REC is currently available for selected partners. Sign up for REC updates or apply for early access.

Disclaimer: The LARALAB Platform is CE-marked under MDR regulations. The REC Suite is released for research use only. 

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