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DICOM Storage

GDPR & HIPAA compliant cloud storage. Keep all your cases in one secure place.

DICOM Viewer

A powerful, interactive web-based viewer accessible from anywhere with your credentials.

Tailored Workflows

Follow simple workflows tailored to various heart valve interventions.

Standardised Reports

Automatically generated case reports in one place. Accessible to all stakeholders.

Deep Learning Pipeline

Fully automatic image analysis by our groundbreaking Deep Learning algorithms.

Batch Processing

Analyse 1000 cases in one night to identify new predictors.

STL Export

Export combined or individual anatomies, with customisable thickness for 3D printing.

Workflow Development

Get access to new measurements, gain new insights and build your screening workflow.

Platform Features

Our Platform is a secure and compliant cloud platform with powerful tools designed for pioneers in the field of heart interventions.

Workflows and Decision Support

Automated measurements and segmentations are leveraged in workflows that can be tailored to indications, devices or research questions. 

Workflows and decision-support for heart valve interventions - powered by our groundbreaking Deep Learning and cloud technology.

The most advanced imaging and data analytics platform.

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