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Pioneering deep learning for advanced structural heart imaging


Streamlining and enhancing your clinical workflows and research 

Decision-making powered by the expertise of heart teams worldwide


Creating the most reliable planning for heart valve interventions together with clinicians to:

accelerate the breakthrough of mitral
and tricuspid valve procedures


Find out more about how each of our team members contribute to our goals.


Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Julian Praceus

CEO & Co-Founder

Julian founded LARALAB and built a dedicated team and network that shares the passion for breaking new ground in cardiac imaging and the treatment of heart valve diseases.


Aleksei Vasilev

Product Manager & Co-Founder


Scientific Project Manager & Deep Learning Engineer

Dr. Katie Fitch

Katie is creating the image-based planning of tomorrow together with our clinical partners, tailored to their ideas. She holds a PhD from Princeton and previously worked as a postdoc at TU Munich.

Alex ventures beyond the imaginable and creates automated CT-based assessments, surpassing what is possible in clinics today. He works closely with imaging experts to integrate their knowledge.


COO & Co-Founder

Julian Bernard

Julian is LARALAB’s key driver to build medical software that fulfills the highest quality standards according to ISO 13485, MDR and FDA. He initiates and leads projects with innovative medical technology companies


Lachana Hada


Medical & Software Engineer

Lachana is passionate about realising cloud based software tailored for interdisciplinary heart teams, and interactive collaboration.


Clinical Affairs & Digitalization Manager

Lennart Nies

Lennart is the expert when it comes to introducing innovative structural heart software. He’s a marathon runner that manages our clinical research projects and lays the groundwork for routine use of our powerful platform.


Usability & Risk Engineer

Anja Roepling

Anja anticipates and eliminates risk before our heart teams even identify it. She tests usability concepts continuously with our clinical partners. Prior to LARALAB, Anja released neuro navigation systems for Brainlab.

Head of Software Development

Jeffrey Jedele


Jeff develops extremely secure cloud infrastructure, as he did before at IBM. He makes sure you never notice the intense processing behind our powerful algorithms.


Lorena Leguizamon

Lorena is a dedicated engineer, whose attention to detail keeps our product and process quality assurance activities on track.

Medical Engineer


Software Engineer

Andreas Iakobou

Andy, our allrounder, goes the extra mile to perfectly integrate our software with our clinical partners systems.


Mirac Sanisoglu

Software & Deep Learning Engineer

Mirac is always hunting for challenging morphologies. He is dedicated to training our deep learning algorithms to robustly reconstruct abnormalities in CTs.

Sarah Valderrama

Regulatory Affairs & Quality Specialist


Sarah is our key quality and regulatory specialist. As a passionate and experienced biomedical engineer, she ensures our products fulfil the highest regulatory requirements.

Software Engineer

David Luksic

image (1)_edited.jpg

David is integrating cutting-edge DICOM visualisation tools for case planning into the platform. He is originally from Croatia.


Katharina Brandt

Operations & HR Manager

Katharina’s operational support and office management ensures we have everything at our disposal to focus our team’s strengths towards building better products for the physicians, researchers & companies that use them.


Software Engineer & Tester

Dhaval Shah

Dhaval develops cutting edge software technology to tackle unsolved clinical challenges. He never lets a bug slip during our verification and testing rounds.


Angelos Theocharis

Medical Engineer

Angelos is responsible for our risk management, in charge of identifying, assessing and controlling risks related to our product.

Screenshot 2022-05-30 at 10.36_edited.jpg

Marketing Manager

Edward Plugge

Edward follows the latest developments, publications and conferences in the structural heart field. You may meet him at our next conference!


Lap Shun Yu

Cybersecurity Working Student

Lap Shun works to uncover and fix security vulnerabilities in our software, helping to keep our user’s confidential information safe and secure.


Gloria Müller

Finance & Clinical Research Working Student

Gloria supports projects with our research partners who are using to open new avenues for research in advanced cardiac imaging. She’s studying Applied and Engineering Physics at the Technical University of Munich.


Daniela Schneider

User Interface Designer

Daniela provides strategic design solutions and assists in creating the overall design style guide to create a consistent and intuitive user interface.

Rashed Image_edited_edited.png

UI / UX Working Student

Rashed Hasan

Rashed helps ensure our user interface is intuitive and streamlined. He is pursuing his Master’s in Human-Computer Interaction at Universität Siegen. 

Clinical Research

Working Student


Raluca Barna

Raluca supports our clinical research team. She's studying Biomedical Engineering & Medical Physics (MSc) at the Technical University of Munich.

Our Secret Boss



Karlo secretly controls the whole show and ensures everything is running just as he wants it to.

Workplace Productivity Supporter



Macchiato occasionally patrols the LARALAB headquarters in search of team members, who he likes to check in on.

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